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Michael Essien possibly out for the year after an allergic reaction to medication

Chelsea loaned the oft-injued Michael Essien to Real Madrid on deadline day, and it looks as if he's going to miss another large chunk of a season.

David Ramos

Chelsea FC loaned Michael Essien to Real Madrid on deadline day, and the veteran midfielder has been seeing plenty of action for Jose Mourinho's side this season. After seeing regular use in the Real midfield, Essien also saw a few starts at left back when the Madrid outfit were dealing with a major injury crisis at the position. Essien hasn't been involved in a match since November 11 though, and today we got some idea as to why.

Sky Sports is reporting that Essien has been dealing with an allergic reaction to some medication, and has not been available because of it. He's also been dealing with issues involving his knee and bunions, and Madrid newspaper Marca is reporting that he might be done for the year.

Marca didn't get into specifics, but I got the impression they meant 2012 when speaking about the year as opposed to the 2012-13 season. It's bad news for the midfielder if he's not doing well physically though, as proving he's healthy was going to be a big key to staying at a top club going forward.

All of us here at WAGNH certainly wish Essien a speedy recovery, and hopefully he's back on the pitch as soon as possible. I was certainly enjoying watching Essien play again, even if it was for a different club. Get well soon Michael, and stay off those feet so your bunions heal up.

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