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John Obi Mikel charged with misconduct

Richard Heathcote

So, in the wake of Mark Clattenburg being cleared of the inappropriate language complaint, we have John Obi Mikel being charged for misconduct. These two elements are only tenuously related, but they'll end up linked in everyone's minds as 'Mikel charged for false accusation of Clattenburg', which is entirely untrue. But it's not the FA's fault that people are stupid.

As best I understand it, Mikel's being charged for a post-match tirade whether he ended the official's changing rooms and verbally abused Clattenburg, and there are reports that threats of physical abuse were thrown in there too. That's obviously not good.

Here's Dan Levene with Chelsea's take:

Those mitigating circumstances will presumably involve him being told by Ramires that Clattenburg had racially abused him, hence the tenuous connection. I don't think Mikel's going to get away with that one (nor should he, to be honest), so expect a fine and/or one match ban to be thrown his way soon.

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