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FIFA spokesman confirms that Chelsea are looking to bring back Drogba

Chelsea have begun the process of trying to bring Didier Drogba back to Stamford Bridge.

Steve Bardens

You know what would make me feel better after Chelsea sacked Roberto Di Matteo? Bringing Didier Drogba back to the club. Sure, it would likely just be a temporary solution until the clear problem with our depth at the position could be addressed in January, but in theory I'd be relieved of throwing things at the television every single time Fernando Torres failed to make a basic run that 12-year olds often see.

Well it looks as if the club and player are actually working to make this happen. We knew Drogs was back and training with the club ahead of the African Cup of Nations, and now it has been confirmed by Fifa that Chelsea are trying to get special permission to bring him back on loan.

This is far from a done deal at this point. Should Fifa decide to grant Chelsea permission, Drogba would still need to be added to the FA roster. There is no guarantee that the FA would allow this, especially as the move is almost certain to be met with resistance from the clubs in Manchester. That said, it's nice that we're at least trying to correct the problem of having to rely on Fernando Torres, as he's clearly got to go at this point.

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