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More news on the Wallace front

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Clive Mason

Transfer rumours! They're such fun. We've been hearing for about a week that 18-year-old right back Wallace is about to sign from Fluminense, and, well, now his agent, Frederico Moraes (nb: could not confirm he's a real person, but did not spend much time trying) is confirming that little story. With a twist!

There are very advanced negotiations with Chelsea and the signature is almost certain. If Wallace goes to Chelsea, he will be playing there.

I had contact with Roma and many other Italian clubs, but that was a long time ago. I rule out the possibility of a loan (from Chelsea to Roma). If he joins Chelsea he will play for the Blues.

-Source: Sky Sports News.

Stop me if you've heard that before. You should have, if you were following the transfer news from around 17 months ago, because that's pretty much what Romelu Lukaku and company were saying when the Belgian was on the verge of arriving from Anderlecht. And boy, that turned out well.

If Wallace is coming thinking he's going to play on the first team, get any minutes at all, something weird's going to have to happen for that little dream to come to fruition. Like bears getting banned from Premier League play, or Cesar Azpilicueta becoming a professional Scrabble personality or something. If he's wanting to play with the under-21s for a while and then go on loan, that's probably a more sensible way of handling things..