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How the media links Falcao to Chelsea in one easy step

All it takes is the name 'Falcao' to be mentioned...and bamm - the media's got a recipe for instant page clicks.

Jasper Juinen

The irrestible David Luiz took on Greek God striker Falcao yesterday, whose name has been on everyone's lips lately, in an international friendly between Brazil and Colombia (in which the defender, Ramires and Oscar all started). Post match, the Daily Mail decided the following quotes from David Luiz were enough to spin into a piece headlined: Sign him, Roman! Luiz wants Falcao at Chelsea as frustration grows over Torres

'I'm happy when there are great names attached to Chelsea. He's a great player. It would be a good choice for Falcao to come to Chelsea. All of the players would be happy because he would be a great player.'

Clearly the despairing ramblings of a man who is desperately clinging to the hope of someone coming and rescuing him with his Fernando Torres induced nightmare. Sure, David Luiz might be spending his nights playing Chelsea in FIFA 13 and having Falcao put away fifty goals a season in Career Mode, but there's no inclination towards that in his quotes above. In fact, he's far more likely to be hanging out with Oscar, because that is the world's best bromance.

The Brazilian isn't the only one mentioning Falcao in some capacity and having his quotes twisted to look like the presence of Falcao is his only dying wish. From the same paper....

'If he [Torres] can't still do it at Chelsea, then they are going to have to look somewhere else. I think Falcao is a very good striker.

Headline: Ditch Torres and sign Falcao, says Gullit as former Chelsea boss hits out at £50m striker

We could be here all day inserting quotes from people who happen to have mentioned Falcao in a sentence, but seeing as every single person (on Twitter at least) seems to have their heart set upon Falcao coming to London, it seems like we're not going to see the end of these sort of reports for a while. I do find it mildly amusing how the mere mention of Falcao's name is enough to whip up a storm over Chelsea's striker situation.

For my money, I'd rather a striker capable of doing 35-yard overhead kicks, because that apparently is a thing footballers can do now.

Yeah, I'm going to use any excuse to post that.

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