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Chelsea accused of racism cover-up?

Shaun Botterill

I think it's safe to say that the last two weeks or so have been some pretty strange ones, so far as Chelsea were concerned. But they weren't as weird as it's possible to get, because now they've been accused of 'sweeping racism under the carpet' over the Mark Clattenburg affair*.

What seems to have happened is that although Chelsea made a report to the FA they've decided, in their infinite wisdom, not to submit the same papers to police. It appears on the face of it to be another example of the football industry seeking to sweep racism under the carpet.

-Peter Herbert. Source: Sky Sports News

So, if we believe all the criticisms made of Chelsea recently, they're making false allegations of racism while simultaneously participating in football's grand cover-up of racism. Clearly we are the worst club in the history of all mankind.

I don't think there's much else to say. I don't know why Chelsea and John Obi Mikel didn't go to the police with the evidence they collected for the FA decision, so I can't comment on that scenario. I don't know why they'd be obligated to assist with an investigation they had nothing to do with making. And I don't know why it is that no matter what we do, we're wrong.

*I really, really want to refer to this as Clattenburggate. I hate the 'scandalgate' construction, but in this case it sounds like a treacherous alpine pass, the scene of some deadly battle in a long forgotten war. "The Clattenburg Gate. Three thousand Swedes gave their lives here."

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