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Eden Hazard may miss Belgium friendly with achilles issue

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Clive Rose

Don't look now, but it sounds like Eden Hazard has a slight problem (no, he's not sulking over Patroclus being dead):

Now, this could very well be a 'I don't want to play in a meaningless international friendly' injury, which would be fair enough because good grief why are there international matches tomorrow, but it could also be an actual problem. Which, of course, would be bad.

It would also go some way to explaining why Hazard's been so off the pace recently. He hasn't had a good league game in a long, long while, and while he made a very positive first impression in England some of that sheen's starting to come off. If Hazard's really struggling with his achilles, it's even more incentive for his playing time to be rationed. Chelsea saw the benefits of giving Juan Mata some time off -- letting Hazard recuperate for a couple of weeks wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.