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Clattenburg case dropped by police, FA continue investigation

Richard Heathcote

Today in non-Chelsea news: the Metropolitan Police have dropped their investigation into Mark Clattenburg. I could write at length about this, but it'd just be a rehashing of what I've said many, many times before and there's only so many times I can write the same thing before I start fantasising about death's blissful embrace. So, I'm just going to do bullet points. Here they are:

  • Chelsea made a formal complaint to the FA, alleging that referee Mark Clattenburg had used 'inappropriate language' towards John Obi Mikel during the 3-2 loss to Manchester United.
  • This complaint has been vetted by external lawyers, who presumably believe Chelsea have a strong case against the referee.
  • Chelsea are, by most people's standards, morally obligated to report incidents of possible racist abuse to the correct authorities. The FA, in this case.
  • Chelsea did not complain to the police. Peter Herbert, chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers (which would be a very good band name, incidentally), did.
  • That the police have dropped their complaint means that there was presumably not enough evidence to pursue a criminal case against Mr. Clattenburg.
  • Chelsea were not trying to pursue a criminal case against Mr. Clattenburg and did not support Mr. Herbert's complaint. The FA disciplinary tribunal, as we saw with John Terry, has a lower burden of proof than the UK justice system.
  • The Met dropping Mr. Herbert's case has minimal bearing on Chelsea's complaint to the FA, who have confirmed that they're still investigating the affair.
  • People are going to comment from positions of ignorance all the time, and fighting against it is futile. Why am I writing this post?

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