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Chelsea 1 - Liverpool 1: Initial reaction and community rating form

Chelsea have only themselves to blame for dropping points to an absolutely impotent Liverpool team on Sunday.

Clive Rose

Chelsea managed a disappointing draw on Sunday despite looking generally the better team. In the long run, the result may be less important than the injury suffered by John Terry, we'll have to wait and see how serious it is.

Chelsea have only themselves to blame, as they failed to covert clear cut chances all afternoon and allowed Liverpool to equalize on their first decent chance of the game. That would prove costly, as the Blues lacked the cutting edge to come back and win it late as they've been doing in recent weeks.

Here are a few thoughts in the immediate aftermath of this one:

  • I've seen the replay a few times now, and the John Terry injury looks really, really bad. We all need to keep our fingers crossed, but I'd imagine that center back just became an area that need addressing in January.
  • I really don't know what happened to the Nuri Sahin that dominated the Bundesliga two seasons ago. The guy Liverpool have on loan from Real Madrid looks nothing like that player.
  • In that same vein, Liverpool look nothing like the team they were just a few seasons ago. They had an awful lot of the ball, but they did basically nothing with it.
  • I usually try to stay away from comments about individual player's performances in the community ratings post, but Cesar Azpilicueta looked awfully capable at right back today. That's nice to see, as Bran will likely be needed as center back depth for a bit.
  • As good as Azpilicueta looked, our "strikers" looked equally bad. Displacing Fernando Torres should not be difficult, but Daniel Sturridge has looked almost as poor when he's on the pitch. I'm getting to the point that I really don't care who we bring in this January, Emile Heskey might be a legitimate upgrade.
  • I can't believe Mikel didn't get his goal when the ball dropped to him in the 56th minute. Someday...

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