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Arsene Wenger criticises Chelsea for Clattenburg complaint

Richard Heathcote

Chelsea continue to be criticised for their handling of the Mark Clattenburg situation, and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger apparently can't help but join in. Naturally, the comment appears misinformed and ill-judged:

One of the great things in sports as well is tolerance, forgiveness and explanation internally and I think it should stay like that. It can happen that a referee doesn't behave well, I do not say they are angels, but it is always better to sort it out in the room.

I didn’t follow the whole (Chelsea) story completely (but) my opinion is just when I didn’t behave well I have an explanation with the referee at the end of the game or another day, rather than going public with little proof. I’m not in favour of making these things public.

-Source: Daily Mail.

It's virtually impossible to justify these comments. Wenger is self-admittedly speaking from a position of total ignorance and is apparently suggesting that instead of following standard procedure by reporting issues to the FA, Chelsea should instead attempt to sort out the alleged racial abuse of one of their players by the referee behind closed doors.

Presumably there's a series of Wenger quotes condemning Anton Ferdinand and Luis Suarez for complaining about John Terry and Patrice Evra in public. Chelsea went public with a statement confirming that they'd complained to the FA over Clattenburg's 'inappropriate language'. From my perspective, it's very strange that they're being criticised for it.

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