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Ashley Cole charged by FA

Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

Ashley Cole is facing a misconduct charge following his unfortunate tweet on Friday in which he expressed his contempt for the FA following the release of the written rulings in the John Terry case by using a profane hashtag. This, of course, is not a surprise -- as soon as he pressed 'send' he was obviously facing a fine.

But hey, at least we have confirmation now. Or something. Cole's probably not facing a ban of any sort, despite the hopes of several (white) pundits hoping that Chelsea and England hope they hang their (black) left back out to dry while they spout opinionated and woefully uninformed nonsense about how damaging the episode's been to the club.

So, long story short: Ashley Cole, a professional football, got angry in public and said a naughty word about a generally incompetent and spiteful organisation. That organisation has the power to fine him, and they will. Meanwhile, the club will probably fine him too, because no matter how accurate the comments are, running your mouth on Twitter is pretty unprofessional.

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