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Dan Levene points out ten mistakes in the FA panel's ruling on John Terry

The FA disciplinary panel released a 63 page ruling on John Terry's case, and Dan Levene points out numerous problems with their findings.

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Dan Levene had an absolute must read post on Sulia this morning, and as I've just described it as such, you're all required to click that link. So do it. Now.

Levene points out 10 glaring mistakes in the FA's findings against John Terry, and frankly Terry's lawyers ought to have a field day with these. For those of you who don't follow Dan on twitter, you are really missing out.

I'm not going to copy all ten points that Dan makes here, but again, you should all make sure to click that link for yourselves. I will highlight a few of the more interesting points that he made though, they include the following:

  • It states as fact Terry and Ashley Cole met Anton Ferdinand 'approximately one hour after the match ended'. Documentary evidence in court proved the team had left by then.
  • There is reference to 'Mr Ferdinand's wife'. He is unmarried.
  • There is no adequate explanation of why Terry was charged under FA rules while Ferdinand, who admitted having breached them, wasn't.
  • A section headed 'the Barcelona evidence' compares Terry's initial reported denial of kneeing Alexis Sanchez in Camp Nou, with his latter admission. The panel takes certain inferences from this, despite having been unable to prove the existence of the initial denial. Indeed, having listened back to interviews from that night, I cannot find any evidence of an initial denial.

All in all, Dan makes the FA look even less credible than they usually do by themselves. Terry may or may not appeal, but with the glaring mistakes and inaccuracies that Levene points out, he'd probably be making an intelligent decision to do so.

Graham touched on the FA's findings against John Terry on Friday, and the full 63 page document can be found here.

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