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Report: Neymar claims Oscar wants him to join Chelsea FC

Neymar claims that his Brazilian teammate Oscar wants him to join his club team as well. Luckily for us, that club team is Chelsea.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

It's never an international break without something exciting to watch on the transfer front, so naturally as soon as Chelsea finished defeating Norwich yesterday, some news about a future signing was sure to follow. Sure enough, the media decided to link us to one of the world's brightest prospects, Santos and Brazil's Neymar.

Neymar reportedly had some quotes suggesting that Oscar has been in contact with him trying to convince him to join him at Chelsea. Here are the quotes being reported from the Brazilian:

"Oscar messages me to tell me what a great club Chelsea is and what a great city London is. He and Dani are both very good salesmen for their club."

"When the time is right I will listen to to the right offers that my agent has for me. It is very simple: if Barcelona are interested you listen, if Real Madrid are interested you listen, if Chelsea are interested you listen. There are maybe five clubs in the world that you know you must at least listen to."

I'd normally be far more excited about this than I am, but unfortunately those quotes seem to be originating from The Sun. That isn't exactly a promising sign, as I wouldn't put it past them to make up an entire interview.

It's still worthy of note though, as it would be pretty low even by the standards of the English media to make up a quote in it's entirety, and it does make sense that Oscar would want his international teammate to join him in London. Largely due to that, we'll give you the comments and let you make up your own mind.

Real or not, talking about Neymar joining Chelsea is certainly a fun way to start 13 days without Chelsea football, isn't it?

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