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Roberto di Matteo discusses Twitter policy, Ashley Cole

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By now, you're probably aware of Ashley Cole's little social media slip on Friday. Calling the FA 'tw*ts' isn't exactly the most professional behaviour, and Roberto di Matteo confirmed during his post-match press conference on Saturday that Chelsea will take internal disciplinary action against their occasionally wayward left back. But you probably knew that already.

What I found interesting, however, were the words he used:

We've got a social media policy in the club and there will be disciplinary action. That's how we will leave it. I did speak to Ashley, but that's a private conversation. You saw his reaction yesterday, he apologised unreservedly.

I'm in favour of the social media entities. They just have to be used sensibly, but I'm not against it. It's the world we live in and as long as it's used responsibly it's a good way to communicate. If they breach a rule we have there is going to be consequences.


All pretty reasonable, right? I'd now like to draw your attention to the equivalent statement from Manchester United following Rio Ferdinand getting himself in trouble over the whole calling-Cole-a-race-traitor business:

I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t know why anyone should get involved with it. We have given instructions to the players that nobody should tweet about Manchester United. We have to.

-Sir Alex Ferguson. Source: Telegraph.

Cole's comments probably weren't appropriate, but it's nice to support a team that encourages their players to interact with fans via social media rather than keeping them barred behind close doors. Sure, that means that sometimes Cole loses his head and says some silly things, but the fact that Chelsea are a modern, social media friendly-club, means we get to see glimpses into players lives that we otherwise wouldn't.

Good on the Blues for changing with the times.

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