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Ashley Cole to be punished by Chelsea for Twitter comment

Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

While Chelsea fans may have been amused at Ashley Cole's comments on Twitter yesterday, when the left back responded to the FA's ruling on the John Terry case with the contempt that they so surely deserve, Roberto di Matteo is less impressed. In his post-match conference following the 4-1 home win against Norwich City, the Blues manager confirmed that the club will be taking disciplinary action against their left back:

No much of a surprise there. Cole's tweet was funny, but calling the FA rude names in public isn't going to win him or the club many friends, and Chelsea needed to do something to maintain discipline in the ranks. Sure, Cole's correct in that the FA are pretty useless, but it's hugely unprofessional for a player to publicly comment on their actions. Obviously, he knows this, or he wouldn't have issued an unreserved apology shortly after calming down.

I can't imagine it'll be a very severe punishment (although the FA will almost certainly levy a fine on top of whatever Chelsea decide to do), so whatever.

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