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Ashley Cole has a whoopsie

Richard Heathcote - Getty Images

When Ashley Cole first joined Twitter, he took a refreshing stance towards self-censorship. That is, he didn't bother with it. He'd happily troll fans of other clubs and speak his mind, which was almost certainly going to lead him to trouble. While his lawyers managed to get to the Rio Ferdinand 'choc ice' nonsense before he did, Cole managed to beat them to the punch regarding the FA's written explanation of the John Terry suspension, where he was accused of not being entirely truthful with his testimony:

Oh dear. Despite deleting the tweet in question and issuing an 'unreserved' apology to the FA, Cole's almost certainly going to face some punishment of his own here as well. Hopefully, it's just a fine, because seeing more players suspended over this incident would be really unfortunate. We've been worried about the potential for Cole to get in trouble over his Twitter usage in the past... and, well, yeah. Something like this was always likely.

Fun times at Cobham, then. At least nobody got shot.

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