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Now for something completely different: Oscar's first interview

The 21-year-old prodigious talent opens up about family, friends, and life in England in his first interview with the English media.

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Mike Hewitt

I'm tired of crappy news. Let's talk about something positive instead.

Published just before Sunday's debacle and quickly lost in the subsequent furor, the Telegraph's Jason Burt sat down with Oscar for the Brazilian's "first interview since joining Chelsea." I'm not sure what the exact definition of a first interview is - I'm quite certain that the 21-year-old has talked many times with Chelsea TV and others - but that's probably beside the point.

If you had even just an inkling of doubt that Oscar is nothing but a humble kid with his head screwed-on straight and who is appreciative of all his gifts and opportunities, this interview will set your mind at ease. He has football in his genes - both his father and uncle were considered local talents with great potential - but remains conscious of the fact that circumstances often play a large role in who actually gets a shot at the big time:

They needed to earn money and weren’t able to go to the next step – it’s not always possible for everyone to make that step, however talented, because, trust me, they were talked about in the town as great players who could make it as professionals. But circumstances worked against them.

Tragically, Oscar's father has not been able to witness his son's rise to fame. He was killed in a car crash when Oscar was just three.

My father is not here but, maybe, through my uncle he gets some message because my uncle is very, very proud of me.

I do wish [my father] was here to see me at Chelsea, can you imagine what he would think, me playing for such a big club? But things happen in life and you simply have to deal with it. I’m happy.

Hop on over to the Telegraph to read the rest, including his thoughts on adapting so quickly to the English game and life in London (special thanks to David Luiz, Ramires, and Lucas Piazon), on playing as a trio of wizards with Juan Mata & Eden Hazard, and on what the future may hold.

Spoiler alert:

"I have the same ambitions as Chelsea – I want to win all the competitions. [...] I hope, I believe, I will improve at Chelsea and I will stay here for many, many years."

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