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VIDEO: David Luiz scores a neat free-kick

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

Today, David Luiz did this:

Hopefully this video stays up for a while (I wouldn't count on it, though), because it is absolutely spectacular. It's even better for all of his mishits so far this season -- he's been pretty useless on free kicks to date, to the point where people on Twitter were screaming for him not to take it up to the point where he hammered it in off Jespar Hansen's near post and into the back of the net.

The coolest thing about this shot is the technique. Watch David Luiz strike the ball. He his it with his instep and a tonne of power, meaning that there's virtually no spin and it wobbles all over the place. It's the shooting style Cristiano Ronaldo uses, and the one we used to see from Didier Drogba. Annoying though it was to see him miss all those other attempts, I've glad we've seen what he can do now, because that was absolutely delicious.

The no-spin style is so dangerous because it's so unpredictable -- the ball swerves in midair without much in the way of rhyme or reason -- which means goalkeepers find it very difficult to track. It also means it goes horribly wrong sometimes (remember some of Drogba's attempts from last year? Those were hilarious). With Eden Hazard and Juan Mata as two pretty good free kick takers in the Chelsea side, I wouldn't rely on David Luiz that much, but it's clear that there's been a reason he's been taking so many free kicks. Turns out he can be really good at them.

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