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Santos deny Florent Malouda interest

Laurence Griffiths

Hey, remember Florent Malouda? He used to play football for Chelsea and still might theoretically play football for Chelsea some day if about twenty wingers who aren't named Florent Malouda were kidnapped or something. In the meantime, the Blues will be looking to shop him -- he's got a year left on his current deal and if they can offload him in the winter they'll save themselves a wee bit of cash. There were rumours connecting the 32-year-old with Brazil (specifically, Santos) last summer, but as of right now that doesn't look on.

There is no interest for Malouda, he is not in our plans and if the English press is giving details about it, it must be because some agent is telling that to them to increase his value.

-Santos vice-president Odilio Rodrigues. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

As far as transfer rumours go, this one falls into the 'there's no news, stupid' category. I'm mainly writing about it because the idea that Malouda's agent is trying to start a bidding war for his client's services tickles me in a way that I'm not sure is entirely appropriate. Malouda is the epitome of a valueless player, and he'll simply go to whoever offers him the right combination of money and playing time. This isn't going to be some epic transfer saga. It's just an old dude who's about to become a free agent chatting up teams.

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