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Metropolitan police launch investigation into the injury of a Chelsea steward

Hopefully the idiots responsible for this incident will be identified and dealt with as harshly as possible.

Shaun Botterill

The Metropolitan police have launched an investigation into the events surrounding a steward being injured at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. It's still a bit unclear what actually happened to the steward, but it's certainly obvious that many fans got out of hand in the aftermath of the offside goal. The police had the fooling to say in response to the matter (via ESPN):

"We are aware of an incident during yesterday's match at Stamford Bridge in which a steward was injured. An investigation has been launched into the incident and our inquiries continue."

If Chelsea fans were responsible for injuring the employee of the stadium, I certainly hope they are dealt with extremely harshly by the club. At the very least, anyone seen throwing objects on the pitch and anyone contributing to his injury should be banned from Stamford Bridge for life. There is just no place for behavior like this, and this is a prime opportunity for the club to make a strong statement on their intent to eliminate it.

Some video of the steward being dumped out of the stands has appeared on Youtube, and it really doesn't look good:

You can clearly see fans throwing objects onto the pitch, and it ought to be fairly easy to identify the idiots participating in that behavior. I honestly don't think the club can be too harsh on these pieces of garbage, no matter what happens on the pitch, there is no excuse to start throwing things at opposing players or injuring employees of the club.

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