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Didier Drogba nominated for the Ballon D'Or

Steve Bardens

Yes, the Ballon D'Or is, realistically speaking, a two-horse race between the dueling colossi of La Liga, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the accomplishments of certain club legends who make the shortlist. He's no longer with the Blues, but Didier Drogba remains a club legend, and he's Chelsea's only representative on the shortlist for the world's top player.

Let's review his credentials from last year, because reminiscing is good:

  • Scored the winning goal in the FA Cup final.
  • Key goal against Barcelona.
  • 88th minute equaliser in the European Cup final.
  • Converted final penalty for Chelsea's first ever Champions League win.

Alright! That's a pretty good list. Granted, Drogba didn't really have the best or most consistent of seasons, but he was most certainly there when it mattered, leaving the club with the biggest of bangs. Now, he's got absolutely no hope of winning this thing with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo floating around, but even making this list is a huge honour -- one which Drogba fully deserves.

Yay Drogba!

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