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Paul Hayward thinks Chelsea should be held accountable if Clattenburg reports prove to be untrue

Yeah, Paul Hayward is a troll of the highest order. Is anyone surprised he said something dumb?

Shaun Botterill

Chelsea lost one of the worst refereed matches in recent memory today, but the big story of the game will definitely involve the reports that Mark Clattenburg made a racial slur to John Obi Mikel. If proven, I think most would agree that the referee should be out of a job. Paul Hayward had to chime in with his opinion though, and here it is for you to see:

Yes Paul, Chelsea should be held accountable that they reported the potential racial abuse of one of their players if it turns out not to be true. After all, it should fall on the club to do a complete investigation into the matter before reporting it to the governing body that is actually responsible for such tasks. That type of thinking will really help encourage clubs to report the abuse of their players when they suspect it has occurred, won't it?

Obviously we all hope that this report is not true, but to suggest that the club should be punished for reporting it is sheer idiocy. If it can be conclusively proven that the players in question lied, the players in question should be held accountable. To suggest that the club would somehow be responsible in this matter is lunacy though, although I guess it's to be expected from Mr. Hayward. Keep up the "good work" Paul, we expect nothing less from you at this point.

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