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Chelsea file a complaint about Mark Clattenburg's behavior on Sunday

We knew Clattenburg did a terrible job during the game, but Chelsea are claiming he acted inappropriately as well.

If only he was showing this card to himself...
If only he was showing this card to himself...
Michael Regan

Mark Clattenburg did an absolutely horrible job officiating the match between Chelsea and Manchester United on Sunday. This, we already knew. Apparently he also used some fairly inappropriate language towards some Chelsea players, and Chelsea are not happy about it. Via Henry Winter:

I haven't yet heard the specifics of the incident, but I'm sure they'll be leaked soon enough. The referee usually has to deal with a lot of complaining during the course of a match, but it's hard to make the case that it was anything but justified on Sunday. Even so, I didn't really see any sort of excessive abuse happening from Chelsea players during the course of the match to prompt any sort of reaction, and the camera certainly spent plenty of time on the incompetent buffoon officiating the game.

This likely won't have any real bearing on Chelsea, but it would be nice to see Clattenburg given a time out from matches after such a lousy showing. If he really did abuse a few Chelsea players during the match, I hope the timeout is a permanent one. Have at it FA, we all know you do a wonderful job with all that you do.

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