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Chelsea vs. Manchester United: Second half gamethread

Chelsea trail 2-1 at halftime after a high-paced first half of play.

Michael Steele

Chelsea got off on the wrong foot right from the start, but they got much stronger as the half went on. . A bit of a fluky goal was followed up by a very well earned United goal, putting Chelsea down by a pair very early on. Then Juan Mata struck a perfect free kick near the end of the half, and the lead was cut to 2-1 United.

It's a bit hard to gauge Chelsea's performance thus far. I can't tell if United have been content to sit back and defend or if Chelsea have just been very good since conceding the second. They've certainly been quicker to every loose ball though, and making up the one goal deficit doesn't look impossible (or even unlikely). I guess we'll see as the final 45 minutes get underway.

Time for the second half, we'll see what changes Roberto Di Matteo wants to make. Please don't link to illegal streams, have fun and be respectful, and go Chelsea!

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