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Did you know Chelsea have ruined football?

Shaun Botterill

Super-commenter Ososdeoro dredged up some interesting quotes in the wake of Celtic's match at the Camp Nou, which feature... well, former Barcelona players whining about Chelsea, of course. Because what else would they have to talk about?

There should not be teams like Celtic in the Champions League.

We saw it last year with Chelsea. It was a very bad example for football and it is regrettable that they became European champions.

You see Celtic defending with 10 men and almost snatching a point - that is not fair.

-Bernd Schuster. Source: Fox Sports.

Yep, people are still whining about Chelsea a) knocking out Barcelona last season and b) winning the Champions League. It's tempting to portray this as sulking over having lost a match, but I think this is a different (and far more bizarre) complaint. Schuster is, in fact, complaining that sometimes teams can win when they're not, on paper, supposed to.

Barcelona and their cronies don't just believe it's unethical and unfair to play a different style of football to the one they're used to. They think it's unfair to actually play football at all, that everything should be a formality before a bunch of tiny midfielders can do a gleeful little jig around a nice shiny trophy while the world has an orgasm at Xavi's every smug little utterance.

Chelsea are a bad example to football? Hardly. Football is a sport which features -- get this -- teams competing and different strategies. It's Barcelona and their more ardent, insane spokespeople who espouse anti-football.

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