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Report: John Obi Mikel to sign new Chelsea deal

The Sun (I know) is reporting that John Obi Mikel is on the verge of extending his Chelsea contract.

Michael Steele

I hate linking to the Sun, I really do. They have some interesting quotes from John Obi Mikel's agent today though, so unfortunately I'll have to do it anyway. So what did the agent in question have to say? Here's what the Sun had for us:

"Mikel will soon sign a new five-year contract with an improved salary and we are just about finalizing the details of it. Mikel is one of Chelsea’s most consistent performers and the club agrees with us he deserves a new and improved contract. He has a year left and Chelsea have decided to add four more years to it."

Personally, this news makes me very happy. I rate Mikel highly, as a player like him will always have a use with any club. While there is very little about Mikel that will make you say "wow", he's always been a solid contributor to the club.

When he signs his new deal, Mikel will be locked up throughout what should be the rest of the prime years of his career. No specifics of his improved wages have been mentioned by the agent, but it's hard to imagine it would be anything mind-boggling. This should assure that Mikel ends up in the top five among Chelsea's all time appearance leaders if he remains useful until his contract runs up, and that makes me happy.

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