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Tottenham 2 - Chelsea 4: Initial reaction and community rating form

Chelsea went to White Hart Lane and took three points with an impressive victory over Tottenham. You're welcome AVB.

Clive Rose

Well that was fun, wasn't it? Chelsea looked bad for about five minutes in the second half, but other than that this was a very convincing victory. Here are some thoughts in the immediate aftermath of the game:

  • That Gary Cahill goal was an absolutely fantastic strike.
  • I was certainly a bit disappointed at the starting lineup Tottenham ran out on Saturday morning. I was really looking forward to seeing Chelsea up against this seemingly improved Tottenham side, but without Moussa Dembele, Gareth Bale, and Emmanuel Adebayor not in the starting lineup it's hard to really gauge where we are at.
  • I was surprised by the way Tottenham started the game as well. I did not expect AVB to have them sitting so deep and putting virtually no pressure on the Chelsea defenders when in possession, but that's certainly something I don't ever remember seeing him do at Chelsea.
  • Set piece defending has been a real weakness this season. The William Gallas goal was easy enough to prevent, and he really had another great chance early in the game.
  • My word, Chelsea can score goals this year. Just wait until they start to click.

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