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Ashley Cole hit with £90,000 fine

Ashley Cole in service of a bunch of [grapes]
Ashley Cole in service of a bunch of [grapes]
Michael Regan

'tis a day of fines most severe. First, John Terry accepted a £220,000 wrist-slap from the FA (as well as that pesky four-game ban) after deciding not to appeal against their guilty verdict on the Anton Ferdinand case, and now Ashley Cole's been hit with a £90,000 fine for describing said FA verdict as being delivered by -- and this is paraphrased -- a gaggle of delicate parts of ladies' anatomy.

There's been no suspension in Cole's case, possibly because the FA realised that their [redacted]ishness would have become self-evident had they tried to bring about such a punishment. At this point, it's probably worth stepping back and spending a little time in absolute awe of these fines: A shout and a tweet have, combined, cost two Chelsea players enough money to fix the Eurozone crisis*.

*Shut up I'm not an economist.

In recognition that Ashley Cole will probably need some new words in his lexicon (to his credit, he did apologise more or less immediately), I've decided to open the floor to submissions. Using non-profane, sensible words only, the FA are a bunch of ____s?

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