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Fernando's Media Blitz Rolls Along

In a season defined by great expectations, Fernando Torres and his PR crew continue to paint the player as a man reborn and seeking redemption.

Chris Brunskill - Getty Images

It's not uncommon for a player to vent their frustrations to a friendly media source, but it's becoming all too common to find a weekly article with quotes sourced from Fernando Torres detailing his personal plight last year in Blue. Indeed, the Guardian has unearthed a recent interview with El País, in which Torres claims he didn't care if Chelsea won or lost at a certain point last season. Hmm. Fernando goes further to explain how he had to focus on himself and address the glaring lack of chemistry in the locker room that had him alienated and often pouting. Double hmm. He also shouts out Paulo Ferreira for his work ethic and attitude, Steve Holland for working with him extra hours in practice, throws a thinly veiled dig in the direction of AVB yet again, praises (albeit slightly) Roberto Di Matteo's approach which has restored him to a goal-scoring threat, and throws heaps of love in the direction of Mr. Rafa Benitez. Also, he claims the reasons behind his departure from Liverpool will cryptically be revealed "one day".

All in all, it's the standard fare from Fernando, but highlights a more important point that needs to be noted. Should someone in his position be continuing to push forward under the media spotlight in such a fashion? Would it not be more prudent in his case to simply let his performances, which have improved thus far this season, tell the full story? What does he stand to benefit by continually putting himself under the spotlight for scrutiny? At last, the media at large seem to be at bay regarding his prior profligacy, and with the player himself netting a decent sum of goals so far, he appears to be on the proverbial mend. Is it worth the potential firestorm of negativity should he hit another dry spell to be going on such a personal marketing campaign? My answer is simple: no. It's not worth it. Fernando, let your game do the talking and leave the rest to journalists who will always have something to say.

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