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The Daily Mail contradicts itself on Falcao's price; sends Hulk off to Anzhi

It's easy and obvious to make fun of The Daily Mail. Especially when they make it this easy and this obvious.

Michael Regan - Getty Images

Ladies and Gentlemen, and variations thereof, in tonight's episode of adventures in journalism, self-contradicting / fact-checking edition, I give you the The Daily Mail.

Here's a headline dated Thursday, October 11:


And here's one from less than 48 hours later:


Holy depreciation, Batman! Falcao's value is dropping faster than a new car being driven off the lot! At this rate, Chelsea will get him on a free by January.

In case you were going to bring up an exchange rate excuse, you are wrong. The rate over the past month has fluctuated well within £0.79/€1.00 - £0.81/€1.00 (i.e. £47.4m - £48.6m as the equivalent to Falcao's supposed €60m buyout clause). The range has been even tighter over the past week.

And if that wasn't enough, Mr. Sami Mokbel drops this nugget of breaking news:

Stamford Bridge chiefs decided a [summer] move for Napoli’s Edinson Cavani was not value for money, and the same stance was taken with Hulk, who left Porto for Anzhi Makhachkala.

-The Daily Mail

Funny way to spell Zenit St. Petersburg, that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and variations thereof, this has been another episode of adventures in journalism, courtesy of The Daily Mail. And just in case you're wondering, yes, these people do get paid. And they even have editors!

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