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Chelsea captain John Terry has kind words for an opponent

John Terry had some kind words for an opponent after Chelsea's Champions League victory over Nordsjaelland. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, this happens fairly often with Terry.

Mike Hewitt - Getty Images

Enock Adu Kofi made a pretty big error for FC Nordsjaelland that led directly to a Chelsea goal, but despite the mistake he was fairly impressive on the whole when Chelsea faced the Danish champions. Media darling John Terry ran into the 22 year old after the game, and Adu had the following to say about the encounter:

"I wasn’t expecting at all. I was standing on our team bus when he came to me and talked to me. We talked for about 45 minutes and he told me that I’m a great player and also said I have a bright future."

Terry wasn't the only one with some kind words for the Ghanaian midfielder either:

"After Terry had gone, I heard somebody calling my name. I turned and it was David Luiz and he came with a similar message."

You hear plenty of people who have never met John Terry criticizing him after a few highly publicized incidents, but you very rarely see the media pick up stories like this one. Terry, like all of us, has his warts. He seems to be a generally good guy at heart though, and stories like this one really help to explain the respect many of his former England teammates have for him.

Luckily for Chelsea fans, we seem to be pretty close to the end of this entire Anton Ferdinand drama. We should hear in the next several days whether or not Terry will be appealing his suspension, and I'm sure that will be major news in England. To be fair to the player, maybe this story should be as well...

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