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Marek Hamsik would reportedly have interest in Chelsea FC

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According to reports out of Italy, Marek Hamsik's agent claims the player would have some interest in a move to Stamford Bridge. Hamsik and Napoli have been negotiating a possible contract extension for several months to no avail, so it's logical to speculate that the 24 year old Hamsik may soon be off to bigger and better places. According to Hamsik's agent:

If Napoli were to receive an offer from Barcelona, Chelsea or Real Madrid, then it would be logical to accept

While that's not suggesting that he's absolutely leaving Napoli, it's certainly indicative that Hamsik would not be opposed to a move to one of Europe's top (paying) sides. There is little doubt that Chelsea have a need for a midfield playmaker in Hamsik's mold, and with the player just entering his prime years it certainly seems like a fit for both parties. This is probably just noise on the agent's part to attempt to get some offers for his client, but in this case I certainly hope the club responds as he'd like. We'll keep you posted...