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Chelsea FC Transfer News: Alex Confirmed As PSG Player

The Alex to Paris Saint-Germain saga's officially over, with the Brazilian officially signing with Carlo Ancelotti's new side on Friday. Chelsea have also confirmed the transfer via the club's Twitter. It's a decent move for PSG - they landed a quality centre half for not very much money (confirmed at £4.2M) - and Alex will finally be able to play football again without suffering the indignity of playing for QPR.

Alex, of course, was a key member of the double-winning side of 2009/10 (it's amazing that Chelsea won the league less than two years ago!) and it's a bit of a shame that a series of injuries last year let to him slipping down the totem pole. He's a very good defender, a decent-seeming bloke, and, well, he can do this:

Goodness me. I don't think we'll ever see anything quite like that again. Best of luck in Paris, Alex, and give Carlo a noogie or something from all of us. Much love!

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