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Shakhtar: Chelsea FC still talking about Willian

I'm finding this whole Willian to Chelsea saga fairly fascinating. As most of you know, I'm a Willian fan. The fascinating part for me, however, is the way that Shakhtar are putting everything out to the world by way of the club's official website. Several days ago the club was kind enough to verify our bid, their asking price, and Willian's buyout. Today they have even more interesting quotes up, this time from assistant coach Alexandru Spiridon:

- What is the current situation with Willian?
- As far as I know the negotiations between Shakhtar and Chelsea are still ongoing. Willian asked to go to Brazil, for his wife is pregnant now. I think the transfer fee offered by Chelsea does not match Willian’s skill. You probably know from the Internet that Hazard’s transfer value is 30-35 million. Chelsea offered 20 million for Willian. I do not think that Willian is weaker than Hazard, and in some components he is even stronger!

First of all, Spiridon is clearly talking numbers in euros as opposed to the pound sterling. That pretty much matches what the club had for a stance several days ago. Secondly, it confirms that we do still maintain an interest in the young Brazilian even after having a bid rejected. We know from earlier this morning that Willian would welcome a move to Chelsea, and the more Shakhtar publishes things like this on their official site the more we can suspect that they would like to move him now as opposed to when his contract runs closer to it's expiration.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying the way Shakhtar are keeping us informed as to what's going on. While there is very little in the way of reliable news about Eden Hazard due to the clubs remaining tight lipped, it's easy to sort truth from rumor when one of the clubs in question tells us exactly what is going on in the Willian negotiations. In that regard I really do like what Shakhtar is doing, as without their public quotes we'd likely all be fairly frustrated by the quiet transfer window.

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