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Expect our Belgian contingent to expand by the end of the week

Buy Belgian. Ho.

We talked yesterday about the club allegedly reentering talks with Racing Genk over the transfer of the young Belgium international Kevin De Bruyne. Those talks (gasp) are actually true.

This according to a spokesman for Genk:

Dirk Degraen is in London and the expectation is that it (the transfer of De Bruyne) will be finished this week. The assumption is that Kevin de Bruyne will be transferred to Chelsea and then will finish the season (on loan) at Genk.

Get it right. Get it tight.

Like I said yesterday, this would represent solid long-term value for the club. And, at £8 million, you're looking at somewhat of a bargain for a great, versatile attacking prospect. Plus, you know, we're upping the Belgian count at the club, which, with the potential of that international side to go nowhere but up, can only be good for us.

Thibaut Courtois and Romelu Lukaku in the summer of 2011. Kevin De Bruyne in January of 2012. Eden Hazard to follow? That's the progression, obviously.

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