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Immediate reaction to the goalless draw with Norwich

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It was a pretty uneventful 90 minutes today. No goals, not much in the way of chances, no real controversy, and not an overly physical game. I suppose most fans would call it boring. Clearly we all wanted 3 points from this one and left Carrow Road with just one. I'm not going to break the game down quite yet, but I'll give you my initial thoughts after spending the last two hours of my life watching a fancy yellow ball roll harmlessly around the midfield.

  • Fernando Torres will get a lot of shit for this game but he wasn't bad at all. He probably should have buried that deflection that dropped at his feet, but other than that he had a fairly solid game. For the first time this season I think I really feel comfortable with Torres regularly leading the line.
  • Danny Sturridge was anonymous today. We've noted it here in the past that he seems to produce more with Drogba in the center than with Torres, but he just looked bad today.
  • Ashley Cole and Jose Bosingwa did nothing. They looked shaky on the defensive end (although Norwich didn't even try to take advantage) and offered nothing going forward. Ryan Bertrand needs a start as soon as possible and Brani can't be fit soon enough for my liking. The fullbacks have been such a strength at Chelsea for such a long time that I really don't know how to react to this development.
  • David Luiz was very good today. At least the media can't somehow try to blame this one on him. They'll probably try anyway though.
  • Romelu Lukaku looked good in his brief time on the pitch. He's still pretty raw, but you could see the issues his size and speed were causing Norwich.
  • We need to figure out some way to break teams down that pack the box. We've been terrible at it all season, so there is absolutely no reason for teams to stop doing it. Maybe if we ever tried to dribble at the defense instead of passing it around the outside of the box we'd create a passing lane or two. Teaching Bosingwa to cross would help too.

I really don't want to re-watch this one but I have a feeling I really should. It's a tough game to evaluate on first glance because Norwich played so well with absolutely no aggression. I guess cheering on the Manchester sides today makes some real sense, but we really need to start finding the back of the net again and helping ourselves out. At least we didn't lose...

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