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The Daily Mail is reporting that Chelsea have made a bid for Shakhtar's Willian

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This one sounds like a typical Daily Fail make believe story, but since I'm sure twitter will be abuzz about this in the very near future we'll address it anyway. According to an "exclusive" report from the Daily Fail, Chelsea FC have bid £20 million to land the Brazilian winger. Whenever the fail has itself an exclusive it's usually an article with nothing hinting at a source that happens to fall when there is very little happening in the transfer market. This "exclusive" story really checks all the boxes on that criteria so I'd pay it very little heed. That said, Willian is a fantastic young football player who fills the exact type of role that Chelsea are known to be looking for. Regardless of whether they actually have any sort of source on this, at least they've decided on a good "target".

I'm not going to get to deep into what Willian brings to the table in this post, but if there does seem to be some actual interest here I'll get a profile up asap. If we actually bid for the speedy Brazilian I'd be absolutely thrilled but a bit surprised that £20 million didn't get it done. He'd immediately add speed and creativity to a Chelsea side that can use both, and I think he'd be a tremendous fit in the Premier League. I wouldn't put too much stock into this particular report, but you never know what might turn up in the coming days. I'm sure both AVB and the Shakhtar staff will be asked about it repeatedly in the next few days.

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