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Chelsea making a trip stateside this summer?

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Liverpool may be playing Roma this summer at Fenway Park. Who cares. Liverpool or Roma playing the Chels elsewhere on American soil? Now that's an idea I can get behind.

To be reunited?

The Boston Globe is reporting that they may just happen.

In a short piece touching on the prospect of both Liverpool and Roma touring the United States during the preseason, Chelsea is mentioned - along with Celtic - as a potential partner in crime for this so-called tournament. I'm assuming we're looking at another World Football Challenge, a competition we won in 2009. You may remember me reporting from Baltimore during our 2-1 victory against AC Milan that July. If not, you have to recall the Didier Drogba stunner that opened the proceedings. I've included video evidence to refresh your memory.

Anyway. I'd expect an official announcement from the club on this in the very near future. Hopefully this rumor is indeed true, and all of us Yanks will get an additional chance (or chances) to see our boys in action. Perhaps Devin and I will see you out at a match. Perhaps Devin and I will get sloshed with you before a match. I like it.