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Poll and Discussion: Which game are you most looking forward to this week?

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With yet another El Clasico set to kick off tomorrow the press is in a frenzy about "the most illustrious game in football". Without a doubt Real Madrid and Barcelona is an intriguing matchup for any spectator, but the Premier League offers two exceptional matchups of their own this weekend in what are arguably more meaningful contests. The Premier League matchups between United and Arsenal as well as Tottenham and Manchester City tend to occur far less often than the Spanish rivals meeting and are likely to have a major impact on not only the title race but the Champions League places as well.

Luckily for the neutral (or slightly biased) fan none of these matchups offers a conflict with the others, so I'd guess the majority of us will be watching all three as they happen. Reading some of the previews got me thinking about a hypothetical though. What would I watch if all three happened to be on at the same time? I know we now have DVR and places that will replay the games, but watching the event live is always a lot more fun. So I'm going to throw a hypothetical out there in a poll...if you could only watch one of the three tasty matchups this weekend which one would it be?

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