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Chelsea FC Transfer News: Chelsea Confirm Gary Cahill Passes Medical

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Chelsea's newest signing does a little dance.
Chelsea's newest signing does a little dance.

Bolton and England defender Gary Cahill was at Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea beat Sunderland 1-0 on Saturday, and after the match manager Andre Villas-Boas confirmed that the rumours were correct and that Cahill would be joining the club next week.

Well I think Gary passed his medical, and should be ours soon. [Will he join us next week?] Yeah.

-Source: BBC.

So it sounds like we're just waiting for Cahill to put pen to paper and we'll see him announced within the next few days. Cahill does make the team better - he's very strong in the air and provides much needed depth at centre back, so despite the fact that his rumoured £80,000/week wages* is too high, having him around is probably a good thing. Now that the transfer is more or less done it's time to simply hope he's a far better player than he's shown recently and hope that he can have a long and fruitful career with us. I'm looking forward to this transfer saga being done.

*I'd guess that we can probably trust that Mirror report, since they got the fact that he was signing correct.