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A Comparison Game: Chelsea Forwards

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So I was trying to avoid writing a preview today (this is what I spend most preview-writing days doing) when I was struck with a question. Just how did Chelsea's strikers do in 2011? There's been some heavy criticism handed out to Fernando Torres and Salomon Kalou, while Daniel Sturridge has been setting the world on fire, but raw goal and assist tallies are less interesting to me than whether or not a player has made the most of their time available. So, given this list of players...

Nicolas Anelka
Didier Drogba
Salomon Kalou
Florent Malouda
Juan Mata
Daniel Sturridge
Fernando Torres

*La Liga stats treated as equivalent to Premier League.

... can you match them up to their minutes played per goals and assists last year? Here are the raw statistics.

A: 330 min/goal, 330 min/assist.
B: 269, 233.
C: 298, 522.
D: 135, 608.
E: 485, 324.
F: 126, 842.
G: 261, 318.

Get guessing! I'll give out the answers on Monday.

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