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Kakuta Goes On Loan + News & Notes

There's some news you might be interested in. Might. More, after the jump:


Back to France

Dijon have confirmed that, after a protracted series of negotiations, Gael Kakuta will be joining the club for the remainder of the campaign. Over the last ten days, Chelsea have been engaged in a series of loan discussions with both Dijon and Olympiakos. Though it initially appeared the club preferred sending Gael to Greece, common sense and the player's desire to return to his native country prevailed, resulting in the news this morning. This will be Gael's third loan stint, his first two at Fulham and Bolton coming up empty. In many ways, this is a make-or-break spell for the kid. He's been touted for years as a possible star in the making, but he's yet to showcase that potential on a consistent basis. If he has designs on breaking into the first team, then his time in France will have to be special in order for AVB to consider involving him next season. Gael will join Dijon in the hopes of helping them retain a spot in the first division after making the jump at the beginning of this season. Currently, they rest in 15th place. No bueno.

Elsewhere, one of our younger lads, Bernard Traore, has been called up to play for Burkina Faso in the Africa Cup of Nations. Mind you, the kid is 16 years old, so let's not get carried away with expectations. But, it does highlight the quality he possesses at such a tender age. I personally don't expect him to have a major impact, but it's obviously delightful for him and for the club to have him involved in such a tournament. It could do wonders for his career as well, and might well give him the spring he needs to push forward and continue his development at the club. Hooray.

As for Gary Cahill? Well, it's certainly a done deal. It's simply a matter of the news being officially announced. I read yesterday on Twitter that Cahill is expected to be handed the #13 kit. At that point, I nearly collapsed in a heap of depression. HOW CAN YOU GIVE HERR BALLACK'S NUMBER UP? I'm sorry, I'm an absolute homer when it comes to our former German. I just, I mean, you know, he was kind of awesome. Mind you, he was poor in front of the goal, but he gave us a lot more than Shevy-nova did. And for some reason, Chelsea fans are more forgiving of Sheva then we are of Mike. Don't really get it. But, unless Gary comes in and scores a heap of goals and issues a few reducer-style tackles, # 13 will always be synonymous with Ballack for me. Just saying. I mean look at that graphic below. Clearly, it belongs to him. It just does.


Other news and notes you say? Welp, QPR are busy making waves in the transfer market, or so I'm lead to believe. It appears that Mark Hughes has lodged a formal bid for our exiled Brazilian center back, although the veracity  of the rumor can't be confirmed at the moment. I was pretty certain AVB wasn't planning on selling to an English club, but who knows at this point. If the valuation is met, I say let him go wherever he wants. From our vantage point, we haven't heard that Alex was a cancer to the squad, nor did we hear anything during his tenure that suggests he caused any sort of problems behind the scenes. I know AVB is all totalitarian with his managerial style, but just let the guy go where he wants. We already know that he's refused several offers in Brazil because he wants to continue playing in L'angleterre. So just let it be then.

No further rumblings on Sala's potential move to the Emirates, although you can bet Arsene will be following up on that move in the coming days. Although, if Thierry is going to be scoring goals every time he makes a 10 minute cameo, well, then you know. Probably more prudent to extend that loan then inherit a 90K a week Ivorian that ...

And finally, for the ridiculous rumor of the week, Marca, that fantastic piece of journalism, put out the nonsense that a club are currently sniffing around Madrid's Angel di Maria. Naturally, they followed up that assumption with the notion that a 38 million quid bid has been lodged, and that club was none other than Chelsea. Just how they came to that conclusion I don't know. But get this- the source article claims that Di Maria and his agent are considering the offer as the player feels he's underpaid at Madrid. THERE'S THE KICKER. Folks, I'm not going to get your hopes up about this. This smells of collusion on the part of the agent- simply putting out a bullshit story so he can go back to Madrid and try to add a few duckets to ADM's pay packet. It's got nothing to do with Chelsea in my estimation. Nothing. Now, if I'm wrong and there's truth to this then HOLY BALLS. But, if I'm right, then don't whine when it comes out that we never had anything to do with the player. Because I'll be that guy saying 'told ya'.

That's all I got for now friends. As always, KTBFFH.

Carefree, compadres.

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