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John Terry Claims Knee Is Fine Despite David Luiz's Best Efforts

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David Luiz's spell of insanity during Chelsea's third-round FA Cup match against Portsmouth looked as though it would cost us a goal and then after he was bailed out by John Terry looked as though it would cost us the captain as well. Fortunately, it turns out that Terry's fine. Mostly. Ish.

I have been struggling with the other knee but I clattered into the post with my right knee. All is fine. It's a little bit swollen but I am sure with the couple of days off we have, it will heal.

-John Terry. Source: Soccernet.

With Branislav Ivanovic still out of action and Alex currently whizzing past Sedna at 0.08c after being unceremoniously catapulted out of the squad by Andre Villas-Boas, we really could do without the centre backs hurting themselves (or, indeed, each other). Gary Cahill's supposed to be around soon, so that'll alleviate some of the pressure on Terry to play through injuries, but I'd really like to get back to that squad rotation we were promised at the beginning of the year.


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