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Chelsea FC's Sweet 16 of 2011 - The Final Showdown

And then there were two.

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The best "moment" of Chelsea's 2011 has come down to two players who have had the most positive impact on the first half of Chelsea's current season.

The emergence of Daniel Sturridge started with his loan to Bolton Wanderers in January, where he proceeded to score in almost every single game, helping to ensure their Premier League survival. Back with Chelsea and managing to put an early-season suspension behind him, SHOOTAH has kept up his strike rate and has become a clear & automatic first-choice along the forward line.

One year Danny's senior, the 23 year-old Juan Mata arrived at Chelsea in August and has not wasted any time in establishing himself as Chelsea's creative fulcrum (and ONLY creative fulcrum, as some might tell you). When he's off the pitch or having an off day, Chelsea have often looked lost.


These two have arguably carried us on their backs so far this season. It's only fitting that they get to face off in the final matchup of Chelsea's Sweet 16 of 2011. Having vanquished all other foes before them so far in the bracket (including the new manager himself and our most impressive victory of the past 12 months), only one can come out on top now:

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