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Happy New Year Chelsea fans! The transfer window is now open!

This is one guy who will be glad 2011 is over...
This is one guy who will be glad 2011 is over...

Midnight has come in London, so we can officially put 2011 in the books for Chelsea FC and move on to 2012. With the way that 2011 has ended I don't think anyone will be particularly upset by that. We're 19 games into the season now and currently just outside of the top 4. Our core guys from the last 6-7 years have really been showing their age this season, I don't think there is any doubt a pretty massive overhaul is going to occur before the start of next season. The priority now needs to be assuring that we finish in the top 4 this season, and with our recent struggles it wouldn't surprise me to see us make a massive move in the coming weeks.

We've already more or less finished our first order of business, adding Gary Cahill to the mix in the center of the defense. Personal terms are yet to be finalized, but it would really shock me if the deal wasn't done and dusted before the next fixture rolls around. We know we're looking at depth on the wings as well and have at least some interest in Milos Krasic. The usual suspects from Porto will all be mentioned and we clearly have needs at both right back and for a lethal passer in the midfield. We also have ACoN coming up and several players who could likely be on their way out.

We probably have more needs to fill than we will be able to address in January, but waiting until summer to fill them all may well cost us a spot in the Champions League. So what would you like to see Chelsea do this window? How exactly would you prioritize our holes? We know Tottenham and Arsenal will likely have very little to spend, do you think we can overtake them with a few depth moves or do we need to swing for the fences? Have at it, and let's hope 2012 goes better than 2011.

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