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Video: Meireles trains, Paulo gets snippy

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Hope everyone has enjoyed a festive Labor Day. News on the Chelsea front continues to be slow during this international break, but we do have footage of newest signing Raul Meireles taking part in his first training session. Check it out below.

Pay special attention to the pleasantries at 21 seconds. Ramires and Raul enjoy a nice embrace, hug included. Paulo Ferreira, meanwhile, the old head, remains seated, arms crossed with a rather smug look on his face. The fellow Portugese also seems to offer up some choice words (somewhat under his breath) for our new midfielder. Weird.

Kidding, ya'll. I'm sure it's all good. I reckon they linked up in the locker room prior heading out. Paulo is simply playing that veteran trump card.

That's really all I got. Other than that, just bring back club football. Now.