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A Frank Lampard controversy? Bullshit

Speculation. Those in the media world live off it. We in the real world feed off it. Why wouldn't we? It, of course, makes for good reading, good watching - good whatever.

The rags' latest helping of speculation comes courtesy not of Fernando Torres - weird, I know - but of Frank Lampard. Super Frank is steaming mad they tell us. So mad that he's not hanging around any longer. Well, by not hanging around any longer, they mean not remaining seated on the bench until the final whistle. Future at Chelsea in doubt they say.

I call bullshit.

To the loo

What of this rubbish proposal is actually concrete? All we really know is that Lampard left his seat on the bench near the end of Saturday's 4-1 win over Swansea City at Stamford Bridge. The Daily Mail say he exited promptly after Josh McEachran entered the match as Andre Villas-Boas' final substitute, around 83 minutes. I don't have actually evidence of this being the case, thus I remain skeptical.

What to make of the incident then? Until we have actual video/quotes/statements from Frank Lampard citing displeasure with not being selected or a general lack of playing time, nothing. What's to say he didn't have to take a piss? Perhaps he had to make AVB's post-match latte.

Of course, we'd also like a word or two from Villas-Boas on the subject. Not to worry, people. The manager have already tackled some questions on this.

AVB in the Independent: "We have to make decisions. I can't go on every week or every three days to discuss the choices I take. Yes, Lampard is still an iconic player and a fantastic player. And, yes, still a key player. For sure, no doubt about it. He's been doing magnificently well for the team. He has started five games, played 90 minutes in four of them. We count on him like we count on the others."

Not exactly in line with the media's point of view, is it?

Could Lampard be upset about being dropped for Swansea? Sure. Actually, I would be disappointed if he wasn't. Is his position in this team under severe threat? Definitely. Does he want out? Not likely.

So, after answering those insightful queries, I call bullshit on this latest round of speculation. BULLSHIT.

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