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Chelsea News Roundup, September 26

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So much news, so little time! Lots of small-but-interesting business around Chelsea and football as a whole for you to read up on today:

  • Fernando Torres appreciates support from the fans. Pretty much every major newspaper in England ran with this same story - Torres is really pleased with the support he's getting from Chelsea fans and is sorry about the red card tackle he made on Mark Gower. Personally, I think Torres is a polarising figure amongst Blues fans, but I'm glad that the irrationally positive fans are louder.
  • Do you want to see Didier Drogba in lederhosen? Of course you do.
  • In actual news news, Chelsea's date with Everton to contest the fourth round of the Carling Cup has been finalised - the official website has it as Wednesday October 24th, a month from now. We all knew it was going to be that week anyway, and with a match the Sunday prior a Tuesday game was never likely. But hey, confirmation is good, yes?
  • Speaking of Everton, the reserves had to come from behind several times in order to claw their way to a 3-3 draw against the Baby Toffees. Todd Kane grabbed a brace and Billy Clifford the other - read the match report on the official site. I'm not sure why Nathanial Chalobah was allowed to play considering his sending off against Watford a few weeks ago, but hey. If he's playing, I don't mind that one bit.
  • Petr Cech says (paraphrasing), "Of course we want to win the Champions League. Every team does, or they wouldn't play in it." Thanks for that nugget of wisdom, Petr. He goes on to say (not paraphrased), "We are not obsessed in the way that, if we don't win it, we'll just go and shoot ourselves." That's a bit of a relief, eh?
  • In other news, the man who took the cheekiest penalty in the world has died in the United Arab Emirates following a car crash. Theyab Awana was just 21 years old. It's sad when anyone loses their life, of course, especially so young, but it's also really jarring that someone who stars in a football video that goes viral is dead less than a year later. Very strange.
  • And last, but not least by any means, you should all read this piece by Jonathan Wilson. It's even better than normal pieces by Wilson, and you should read all of those too.

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