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Today In Weird Chelsea News - Nathanial Chalobah, Barbados And Medical Quackery

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Just a roundup of Chelsea news, in bullet point form because I'm lazy and tired after that long match analysis last night. If you want hard work, go read that one! If you want today's weird news, read this. I mean, it says so right in the title, which is helpful.

  • First up - centre back Nathanial Chalobah is suspended from youth and reserve team action thanks to being a big of a naughty boy and getting himself sent off last weekend. Specifically, he's "Suspended from non-first team football until the Club have completed 3 applicable non-first team matches for a Sending Off in a match played on 17/09/2011."

    That means that if Chelsea want to get Chalobah football, they need to exploit that non-first team football clause. What's that, you say? Chelsea have a first-team football match that they don't particularly care about in a couple of hours against Fulham? Yep - the Carling Cup match this evening is the perfect opportunity to get the youngster some playing time while he's banned, and he's not so far off that Andre Villas-Boas will be shooting himself in the foot by using him. Which is why Chalobah will be starting at Stamford Bridge in place of one of David Luiz and Alex. Edit: Hahaha no they won't. (h/t: @sidcelery)
  • Also, Chelsea have signed a deal with the Barbados Tourism Authority which will see the island promoted at Stamford Bridge. The concept of advertising individual countries is a bid odd to me, but it makes sense - if you can afford a ticket to the stadium on a match day you can probably afford a holiday in the Caribbean.

    This partnership is much more than getting our Barbados message out to Chelsea fans on matchday. We want to harness the charitable spirit of the club and work together on some exciting community projects both in Barbados and the UK.

    Barbados and Chelsea have a natural synergy as we both strive to be the best in our respective fields. It fits perfectly with our theme for 2012, The Year of Sport; from grass roots to world class, and we are building upon Barbados' already strong reputation for sporting events and activities.

    -Petra Roach, BTA vice-president sales and marketing UK. Source:

  • Last but certainly not least, we have the news that the head of Chelsea's medical team isn't allowed to practice in the UK, which is... odd, because that means he can't really be doing his job as the head of Chelsea's medical team. The Sun is reporting that Paco Biosca, hired from Shakhtar Donetsk this summer, is unregistered with the General Medical Council, and the Blues have confirmed that in a statement:

    Dr Biosca's registration is being processed and all of our contact with the GMC has been in regard to completing that as soon as possible.

    -Source: Sun.

    Having a doctor that can't doctor is a bit of a joke, isn't it? Sort it out, Chelsea.

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