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Video: A selection of sitters, one in 2D

What a game of football that was. Astonishing, really.

That being said, it's likely to be remembered more for the misses than the goals themselves. There were plenty to go around. How that match remained goalless over the final 45 or so minutes is something that will never be understood, at least in this household.

The first in today's CO sitter series on offer is Wanye's slip and fall in 2D. England's Brave John Terry must be so proud. Thanks to Chelsea 2D for the moving pictures.

To show that we're equal opportunists here at Chelsea Offside, we next present Nando's moment of sheer absurdity. I have no words for this one. The commentary somehow manages to do it justice, however.

"He's going to score ag ... OH MY WORD!"

My word, indeed. You know, just think of viewing this again as catharsis.

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